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Traveling with a wedding dress

December 16, 2013


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The most challenging item to travel with is unsurprisingly one of the most important items you’ll bring to Belize: the wedding dress. Traveling to your destination wedding with the dress can be nerve-racking so before you depart consider our tips to make traveling with your wedding gown a cinch.

Can I ship my wedding dress? Don’t ship your wedding dress to Belize. Although shipping your dress may seem like the best option, it’s not.  We do not recommend putting the dress in your checked luggage either. You don’t want to lose your dress in the mail, at baggage claim, or have the dress delayed at customs.  You never want to be without your destination wedding dress so take it with you on the plane.

Where should I put my dress on the plane? Some airlines are happy to store your dress in the closet located at the front of the aircraft.  When boarding the plane, ask a flight attendant if they would be able to assist you. There is always a chance there may not be room so be sure your wedding gown is packed in a lightweight garment bag incase you will be required to place it into the overhead bin. Layering tissue paper when you fold the dress may help reduce wrinkles.

How do I pack my dress? Some fabrics travel and fold better than others. It is usually best to place the dress in a travel garment bag however some fabrics work well in a dress box. If your gown has a train, pull the train up to the neckline, place it in the bag and then fold it.  You can also purchase a dress kit from a wedding dress store and they will pack it for you. But if you’re like most brides, you probably want to try your dress on a few times before the wedding trip so pay attention to how it was folded in the box or have an extra garment bag just incase you need it.  Make sure to hang your dress on a pretty hanger.  Bring your dress on a wooden hanger or a unique, handmade personalized wedding dress hanger. Putting just a little bit of effort into your hanger is a great way to give your dress that extra bit of pretty personalization for your pre-wedding photos!

How do I get wrinkles out of my dress? Bring a handheld steamer. Although your resort may have a steamer, bring your own in case just incase it is not available. We also suggest bringing your own steamer so that you can do a test run with it on white fabrics before you use it on the dress.  Another trick to work out the wrinkles is to hang your gown in the bathroom upon arrival, take a shower with hot water, and let the steam naturally remove the wrinkles.  Keep it away from the water and lightly shake the dress to move the process along. This method works on most fabrics including chiffons, silks and satins.

What should I do with my dress after the wedding? Be sure to follow professional fabric care guidelines if your find spills or stains that may have happened during your wedding. Hang your dress in a well ventilated area.  Pack your dress the same way you packed it for its journey to Belize.  Want a reason to wear your dress again?  Consider celebrating your Belize destination wedding with Trash the Dress!

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